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SUGGESTION! Buy some mini powdered donuts, and eat them with some cereal and milk. You’re welcome.

The site I was watching GoT on had all of season 2 and part of season 3 removed so now I can’t even finish watching the show through that site. Grr. Grumble grumble.

Also, I think I’m in love with Emilia Clarke.

The couple at the end of the street I live on have been married for 50 years. That’s insane! The longest friendship I’ve had is what like 7 years or so. Haha. Good for them!

I was trying to record an actual interesting video, but it wasn’t working so you get this stupid video instead.

The most adorable little car.

The most adorable little car.


Despair In The Departure Lounge - Arctic Monkeys

There might be tellys in the back of the seats in front, but Rodney and Del won’t do.

I bought a bunch of junk food before I left work, so I’m just gonna put a movie on and stuff my face.

Erin called me yesterday and said that the store she works at might have a new job opening soon and she would put a good word in for me if I’m interested. It’s way more money than I’m making now, but I’d be packaging meat which I don’t know, I’m a vegetarian so would that make me a hypocrite somehow? I already work at a store where the main source of sales comes from the deli anyway, so I suppose it’s not any different. It’s longer hours as well, but it would allow me to save more money for my trips. My main focus is getting to go to Ireland and eventually somewhere around London, so I should do what I need to in order to get there quicker. Also, if I’m working in the back, that’s less interaction with rude customers! Haha. Plus maybe we actually get a break during our shifts there….

I take too many photos of my face.

I take too many photos of my face.


i get sexually frustrated just by looking at you

I’m just trying to do what makes me happy, and not worrying so much about other stuff.

As much as I may not like my mom’s husband for what he’s done, I do feel bad that he’s got throat cancer. I’d never wish that on anyone. My mom’s really upset about it, and I don’t really know what to do.